7 Tips to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Summer, Sustainably and on a Budget

7 Tips to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Summer, Sustainably and on a Budget

If we can’t go out and enjoy the approaching summer, we can bring a little bit of summer into our homes! If you work from home, undoubtedly, the first space that needs a makeover is your home office. Yet, once your work environment is ready to take in all of your fresh ideas, it is time to revisit your other rooms and give them the summer look. No need to redesign decor or change furniture, though. Just a few touches can turn any room into an airy space from which to enjoy the sunlight. Here are a few tips to start your makeover, yet remember to infuse some of your personality into your bedroom!

Decluttering and minimalism

Fall and winter call for cozy blankets, warm duvets, and fairy lights around your bed. Yet, as the temperatures start to rise, you might end up finding your room stuffy and cluttered. Indeed, airless spaces, especially the ones you spent over 8 hours a day in, can lead to breathing problems and trigger allergies

Just like you shed your winter jackets, scarfs, and hats, it is time to declutter your bedroom for the warm season. Start by removing your heavier blankets, rugs, clothes, and extra pillows. Store away any furniture and decor items that are there only to embellish the room and are functionally unnecessary.

Moreover, challenge yourself to practice minimalism this summer! As we can go out and roam through our favorite stores, revisiting the decor of our bedroom might mean that we can do more, with less. Of course, if you find yourself comfortable in it, you can extend this lifestyle to your other rooms.

Give your closet a makeover

Next up, the closet! Winter calls for heavy jackets and bulky clothes. However, now is the time to wash them, fold them, and store them away for the next six months! If your house is blessed with a garage, add a closet to keep your garments in one place. If you can only make use of a few cabinets, however, opt to invest in vacuum storage bags.

Removing your winter clothes from your bedroom’s closet allows you to have more space to fill with lighter and brighter clothes. Even better, you can limit the amount of dust and preserve the quality of your winter garments.

Flip your mattress!

Remember somebody telling you to flip your mattress every once in a while, but you are not sure why? Indeed, rotating and flipping your mattress can increase its lifespan. By sleeping in the same spot every night, you are leaving an imprint into the bed, which, over time, can become permanent. Flipping it can prevent this from happening.

Of course, your bedroom’s summer makeover is an excellent occasion to do so. However, not all mattresses need flipping, and you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions before doing so. 

Alternatively, if you have noticed that you have not been sleeping well for a while, take this moment as an opportunity to change things up! Since we are all spending a third of our lives on our bed, a mattress such as Simmons Beautyrest, or Sapphire Sleep can genuinely make a difference in your life quality.

Bedding – bright and light

Now that your mattress feels like new, you can move onto the bedding. The down duvet you have been comfortably wrapped in all winter might be a little suffocating over summer, so it is time to switch to a lighter version. When picking your summer bedding, make sure to choose sustainable, breathable, and soft materials such as cotton or linen.

Of course, during these periods of uncertainty, we are all tempted to save on what we can. If your bedroom already holds last year’s sheets, make the best out of them to revamp your bed. However, if you need new bed linen, avoid trying to save on this fabric, as you will be spending a significant part of your days in it!

Master Bedroom Makeover - After

Curtains – let the sunshine in!

Curtains are just as important as bed sheets. Of course, the last thing you want in winter is being woken up by the sun way too early on a Sunday morning. However, as you gain your energy back and strive for a healthier, more dynamic lifestyle, heavy drapes can create an oppressive atmosphere.

Instead, invest in double, yet light curtains. In this way, you can make sure to be able to sleep even during the brightest morning, yet your room can receive as much natural light as possible. The perfect balance is keeping one layer of sheer curtains to increase your bedroom’s privacy and a more substantial cover to close overnight.

Add mirrors 

Many bedrooms only benefit from a small window that does not let enough natural sunlight or fresh air through. However, no matter what your bedroom looks like, adding mirrors in strategic positions can genuinely make your room airier, brighter, and more spacious. Plus, they are functional!

In a small room, position the mirror oppositely to the light source. In this way, the sun will reflect on the surface, creating the effect of another window. In turn, the light plays a vital role in making your room look cleaner, more welcoming, and dynamic.

Add plants and nature touches

With the first sunny days warming up terraces and porches, it is undeniable that the weather is perfect for enjoying a walk in nature, hikes, and picnics. If this is not possible yet, you can opt to bring a little bit of nature directly into your bedroom.

Start by adding plants and wooden touches. Use bright, plain, earthy colors for your bedding, curtains, and carpets. Moreover, opt to include only natural fibers, fabrics, and elements for decoration.

Bottom Line 

When it comes down to decorating and redesigning your room for summer, don’t hold back! Even if you are budget-conscious, your bedroom is where you tend to spend each night. Opt to invest in long-lasting, minimalistic details and you will see the benefits on your mood and health. In no time, you will notice your room being cleaner and brighter, sustainably, and affordably.


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    Jodi I feel the same way. While we have this time on our hands we can take the time and make our homes feel refreshed, which will make us feel so much better. Love your post today!

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      Yes! We’ve been busy organizing, cleaning and getting rid of stuff. Feels good!

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