Cleaning Checklists for Every Occasion:

Whether you are the type of person to swipe dust bunnies underneath the rug or scrub down your whole kitchen for stray countertop crumbs, cleaning rituals affect us all. No matter where on the scope your cleaning habits lie, implementing cleaning checklists can help keep your home organized.

Using daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual cleaning checklists will keep your house tidy and help you to stay on task with your everyday schedule. These printable house cleaning checklists can encourage you to prioritize a clutter-free home and lessen your stress levels.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Everyday cleaning tasks can be little daily tasks that are easy and do not take up much time. Here are some daily cleaning tasks to consider: 

  • Change your sheets and make your bed
  • Unload and reload the dishwasher
  • Wipe down surfaces in the kitchen
  • Do a load of laundry if needed
  • Put away miscellaneous items into drawers

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Keeping up with regular cleaning tasks around the house once a week can help limit bacteria and germs from living in your home and getting you sick. It is important to focus on cleaning certain areas of your home weekly to effectively achieve a clean home. Here are some house cleaning hacks and ideas for a cleaning checklist to follow:

  • Vacuum around your house and sweep the kitchen floor
  • Clean out the microwave
  • Dust off furniture
  • Tidy up pet areas
  • Empty trash bins
  • Use cleaning products on windows

Download Weekly Cleaning Checklist Here

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

These tasks may take up a bit more of your time than an everyday task or a weekly cleaning regime, so save tasks that you feel require attention and effort for a monthly checklist. These things can include:

  • Dusting blinds
  • Cleaning out oven
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Clean vacuum
  • Wipe down outdoor patio surfaces and furniture 

Download Monthly Cleaning Checklist Here

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist 

While some people save bigger tasks for spring cleaning, it is important to keep up with seasonal cleaning that requires attention nearly four times a year. Some quarterly responsibilities include: 

  • Gathering and raking up leaves in the fall and spring
  • Dusting off plants
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Washing down baseboards
  • Cleaning out the freezer
  • Washing shower curtain liners

Annual Cleaning Checklist

Although these cleaning chores only come once a year, they keep your house in place. Here is a list of annual cleaning ideas:

  • Deep clean your carpet
  • Clean off walls
  • Wipe down shelves
  • Flip mattresses
  • Clean out air ducts
  • Replace malfunctioning appliances

There are a ton of ways to keep your home clean and stay on top of tasks, download these printables to finally have a cleaner home. Visit Angi to learn more about how to keep your home clean and organized. 

Cleaning Supplies Checklist

To make your cleaning process more manageable, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary products and accessories to get the job done! The most important things to have on hand are:

Deep clean your carpet
Clean off walls
Wipe down shelves
Flip mattresses
Clean out air ducts
Replace malfunctioning appliances

Ensuring that you have all the necessary supplies will help you get the job done in a snap without having to run out to the store every time you need something! When choosing cleaning products, ensure that you have mild dish soap, window cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, a disinfectant cleaner for the countertops, and wood polish.

There are a ton of ways…


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