Prepping Your Home For Guests Over The Holidays

Have you got family and friends coming to see you over the holiday season? Being host can be really fun, especially at this time of year. But if you don’t plan it all out (and it does need some planning), it could end up being a pretty stressful time. And that isn’t what you want at all, right? So here are some of the things that you can do to get prepared, so that you can enjoy the festivities more, rather than feel like you’re on edge and worrying about the next thing. Hope your time with family and friends goes well!

Clean Your Refrigerator

One of the main things that you will be doing with guests over is enjoying food together. And when there is food involved, your refrigerator is going to be involved. So you want to make sure that it is a clean place to keep all of the food, to make sure that you are all healthy and well, and the food keeps in good condition. Start off with cleaning and clearing any vents, as they can get blocked up with ice from time to time. Disinfect the fridge and take out the shelves so that you can clean them properly. Make sure the light works and that if it has a connection to water, that the filters are clean and that the water works without leaking.

Check Bedding

If you have a lot of people coming over then it can be worth asking people to bring things like pillows and blankets with them, unless you happen to have a few extra lying around. But the bedding that you do have will need to be washed and checked. It is also a good idea to look into things like your mattresses as well. Air mattresses can be fine for a little while, but if you have people staying over for a while, then would a new Vispring be a better option as it is more supportive? Plan out who will be sleeping where, and then check you have all that you need, and that it is all in good condition.


If there are going to be children coming over to the home, then doing a few things to child-proof the home (if it isn’t already), can mean that everyone can enjoy themselves much more. Their parents won’t be worrying about things getting moved or broken, and you won’t have to think about putting things back in place all of the time. Simple things like moving ornaments out of reach, covering plug sockets, and moving things like vases away from table edges can help all involved.

Deep Clean

When you have people over and you have a variety of different things to be doing, the last thing on your mind is going to be cleaning the house. Which is why doing a deep clean before all of the holidays start is a good idea. Then you can just do smaller things as and when, to keep on top of it all.

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