January 2017

DIY Wine Cork Project…

What to do with all your saved wine corks…

First off, I can’t believe its been over 3 weeks since I’ve posted anything.  First my son’s birthday, then Christmas, then New Year’s, then I lost a friend to breast cancer and had a hard week getting thru that. Anyway, I am back and ready to share this little project with you.  Hope you enjoy.

Are you a wine drinker like me?  Do you save all your corks like me too?  Then they sit there in a vase or jar or something forever and you think, what the hell am I gonna do with all these, but you can’t seem to throw them all away?  Sound familiar?  Well, I finally decided to do something with all of mine and make this DIY wine cork sign.  And it was super easy!

DIY wine cork project…

I wanted to write out either the word “cheers” or “BAR” to hang above our bar area. I headed to Hobby Lobby to see what they had for wooden letters and decided on these.  These letters are about 10 inches high, are very thin, and cost less than 2 dollars each.  They also had some cursive letters that I liked, but they were not as tall as these, and I wanted them pretty tall. I am sure most craft stores carry similar wooden letters, in case you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you.

DIY wine cork project
DIY Bar Sign using wine corks

First, I sorted my corks and arranged them on the ‘B’ before gluing them down.  After messing around with different patterns, I decided to go from light on the top to dark on the bottom.  Second, I glued them down with my fabulous glue gun.  That is pretty much all there is to it!  I told ya it was easy.

I must admit that about half way thru the ‘A’, I’d used up all my corks, and then had to ask friends if I could have theirs.  This B alone has around 70 corks!!!  That is a whole lotta wine.  Luckily I know a few big wine drinkers who were willing to donate their stash to me so I could finish. 😉

DIY wine cork project
DIY Wine Cork Sign

One last thing.  These letters did not come with anything on the back for hanging, so my husband nailed some small sawtooth hangers on so we could hang them up.

Easy Peasy!  AND, here is the final product…

DIY wine cork project
DIY Wine Cork BAR sign

A few more pictures…

I found the ‘House Winery’ sign on Amazon.  It is an old wine barrel top, customized with our last name and est. date.  (We put 2016 since that is the year we moved into the House house.)

It hangs above the bar that I refinished a while back, using the same technique as my dining table. Looks much better in our space.

Hope you enjoyed this simple and extremely easy little project.

Have you ever done anything with all your wine corks?  I’d love to see.