December 2016

DIY Christmas Balls (and last days to enter my giveaway)


hehehe, it’s just one of those words that makes you laugh.  Like the Schweddy balls skit on Saturday Night Live. If you have never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it.  It’s hilarious!  So when I made these giant DIY Christmas balls for the huge tree in our front yard (and had a total Pinterest fail) there were a lot of jokes and laughs had by all.

DIY Giant Christmas Balls
Giant Christmas Balls

Here is how it went down.  I saw these DIY Christmas balls made from beach balls on Pinterest and thought they looked easy to make (and they were, thanks to the tutorial).  But first I had to go to 1 Target and 2 different Walmarts (not my favorite place) to find the damn beach balls.  I live in FLORIDA people.  You’d think every Walmart and Target in this area would have beach balls year round.  But, nope!  The 2nd Walmart I visited was the charm.  I bought 4 balls.  Then I had to find some medium sized food containers to use for the tops.  I had some in the fridge so I emptied them into tupperwear and cleaned them out. I had wire coat hangers in the closet to use for the hooks.  For the other materials, I went to Home Depot and bought the silicone glue that the tutorial said to use, and this awesome metallic spray paint that I’ve been spraying every empty wine bottle I come across (or maybe drank).

So, I bent the coat hangers into a U-shape and stuck them into the sides of the food containers, then spray painted them.  Next, I glued the food containers to the tops of my balls using the silicone glue (waited for the glue to dry overnight) then my husband helped me hang them in the tree.  My friends and neighbors stood back and admired my lovely balls!  My balls were hanging quite nicely and looked on point.

Imagine my surprise when the next morning I went to admire my big balls only to discover one ball was floating around my yard, one was in the neighbor’s yard across the street, and one was next door!  My poor nicely hung balls!  The silicone glue obviously did not hold.  I had to run around and collect my broken balls in my jammies, bed head and all before I even had a sip of coffee.

So, what went wrong?  One friend told me that “I needed to use proper ball adhesive and to make sure my balls were rubbed smooth before applying.”  Another said, maybe “I didn’t rub my balls hard enough before I glued them.”   Another said, “maybe my balls were too big and that there are videos on youtube on how to deal with big balls.”   “What can I say”, I replied to that comment, “I like big balls”.  I am sure you can think of a funny thing or two to add here too, right?  Yes I am in my 40’s and still find this funny.  I hope none of you are offended.  So juvenile I know.

So, my husband went and bought me another kind of glue  (Gorilla Glue) and that did the trick.  My balls have been hanging quite nicely in my tree for over a week.  Whew.

Aren’t my balls nice? What do you think?

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A Giveaway – A Photo Canvas

Photo Canvas Giveaway…

I am very excited to announce a photo canvas giveaway on my blog! Details on how to win are at the bottom of this post.

I don’t know about you but I love taking pictures and I love photography in general.  I’ve got thousands of photos on my laptop and on my iphone.  I take pictures ALL THE TIME. If you are anything like me, these photos mostly live on your computer.  So when the folks over at contacted me about doing a giveaway, I jumped at the chance.

Canvas Factory provides high quality canvas prints at an affordable price.  And they are having huge sales on there web site right now.  BUT, you can win a Free one here.  You can’t beat free.

It was hard deciding which photo to use on my new canvas, but I narrowed it down to this picture I took a few years ago at the beach.  My son found this piece of heart shaped coral so I plopped it in the sand in front of the water and snapped away.

Photo Canvas from canvas factory
Photo Canvas from canvas factory

I received my canvas this week and am extremely happy with it. The quality is outstanding and the customer service was great. They even emailed me a proof for approval before the order was processed, which I thought was impressive.  I hung it in my bathroom and love it.

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DIY Easy Christmas Craft

DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Craft…

I posted this DIY wine bottle Christmas craft idea on social media and thought I’d write up a quick tutorial on how I did it, even though it is probably pretty self explanatory.  These only took me about 1/2 hour to make (not including waiting for the paint to dry).

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Step One – Drink wine.  Lots of it, or at least three bottles. 🙂  Save those bottles (and corks too – for other projects).  Take off the labels using soap and water, Goo Gone, and whatever tools necessary. I have one of these mini razor blade scraper thingys and it rocks.  I use it all the time.  It is especially good on our flat, electric stove top and for getting sticky stuff off your floors, but also is great for getting wine labels off of bottles.

Mini Razor Blade Scraper
Mini Razor Blade Scraper

Step Two –  Spray paint them.  I used this Valspar Metallic Spray Paint and it is amazing.  But, you could use white for a more beachy look or red or any color you like. I bought this at Lowes but also saw it at Hobby Lobby. Wait for it to dry until moving onto the step three. This stuff dried pretty fast.

Metallic Spray Paint
Metallic Spray Paint

Step Three – Decorate.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found the red string and the Christmas holly.  I know that store is not for everyone, but I could spend hours in there.  I used plain red, shiny string, but they had red and white stripped string that would have looked good too (like a candy cane). Or you could use plaid or red or green ribbon or thin rope for a beachy look. Use your imagination. They had tons of different kinds of holly and leaves, etc too.  I liked these because they were shiny like the spray paint.  If you do not have a Hobby Lobby near you, try Michael’s or Joann’s or any craft store.  Lucky for me, we have all three of these in our area.

DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Craft
Shiny String Used for Wine Bottle Christmas Craft

Step Four – Glue string around the bottle top.  I used my glue gun but if you don’t own one, I think just using any glue (probably even elmers) would work to get the string to to adhere to the bottle.  Make sure your glue line is in the back.

DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Craft

DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Craft

Step Five –  Glue letters to the string.  I used these cursive ones, but they also had 3 or 4 other styles.  You might choose to spray paint these too, but I kept them natural.  Also, you don’t have to use the word ‘Joy’ you could spell out whatever you want depending on how many wine bottles you have (you lush – haha just kidding, I won’t judge).

Wooden letters for DIY Christmas Craft
Wooden letters for DIY Christmas Craft

Step Six – Put the holly or whatever you bought into the bottles and set out for decoration.

So there you have it.  Easy Peasy!  You could also do something similar with mason jars, which you can pick up at any craft store for fairly cheap.  Paint, decorate and then put a tea light candle in it.  That would look great too.  Please let me know if you make these.  I would love to see!



Guest Room Reveal

Guest Bedroom Reveal…

Hey All!

I hope you all had fantastic Turkey Day’s!  We hosted our first Thanksgiving at the House house, and I must say it was great.  We had family here and some friends who were visiting from out of town.  It was low-key and wonderful and we had a lot of laughs, and lots of food and wine.  And the turkey was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

The Before…

But, enough about Thanksgiving. Today, I thought I’d show y’all our guest bedroom.

I did not take many ‘before’ pictures of this room.  It was just a room with one window and one closet.  Big whoop!  Nothing to exciting, which is probably why I didn’t take any photos of it.  These are the photos from the real estate listing.  Sorry about the quality.  As you can see it was pretty dark and dreary in there.

And here are some before picture of the outside of house.  The guest room is located behind the arched rock wall.  The house originally was about 2000 square feet with a split floor plan.  Master bedroom and bath on one side and two bedrooms with another bath on the other.  Living room, kitchen and dining room were in the middle of the house. Since we now use the old master bedroom as an office/gym and have added three bedrooms upstairs, this area of the house became what we call ‘the guest wing’.  This guest bedroom I’m about to reveal, a den that guests can use as a tv room (but also serves as a man cave for my husband – it has all his sports pictures in it) and a bathroom.  Our old house had an 800 square foot guest house so we feel like this ‘wing’ makes up for losing that.


And here is a picture of the room before the new front window was installed and before it even had a wall. This is the view from the now dining room.


We ended up extending the wall out into the dining area about a foot, and adding a beautiful window, new drywall, new carpet and of course paint.

Guest bedroom today… 

And this is the bedroom now.

The room is a collection of old furniture, curtains and lamps, that we’ve had forever (since we don’t plan on buying anything new at the moment). I tried my best to make it look as nice as possible, and as comfortable as possible for our guests, and living in Florida we do get our fair share of guests.

This bedroom set is probably 15 years old, at least.  My husband bought it while we were dating and we used it for a very long time. It is not the most up-to-date set, but it does the trick for a guest room.  We wanted to have a king sized bed in there and this is a king set.  The photographs above the bed are from some of our travels over the years. We traveled a lot before we had kids. Actually, we’ve traveled quiet a bit with our kids too.  The curtains we used in our master bedroom at least 3 houses ago (we’ve moved a lot!), but kept just in case.  Same with the lamps. Overall it doesn’t look half bad for a bunch of old stuff.

Here is the before/after from the outside of the house. Bye bye, outdated rock arch wall thingy.  Hello, new gorgeous window.

And one more before/after of the inside


I’m not sure if I’ve told ya how much we love our windows.  We live on a fairly busy street.  I mean, it is not a highway, but it is the main road coming into this neighborhood and lots of cars go up and down it all day long.  But, let me tell ya, these windows are so thick and sound proof that you can not hear a thing.  No cars going by, nothing. I talked all about these windows back when we had to pick them out.  They are hurricane impact windows and were very expensive but really were worth the price.

Gearing up for Christmas… 

We are busy decorating our house for the holidays.  Our neighborhood is famous for it’s Christmas lights and displays and people come on tour buses, and in cars from all over Naples to check out the lights.  The pressure is on.  I’ll be sure to post some video and pictures once we are all done.  I’m also working on a quick and easy Christmas DIY project I will tell you all about soon.  Remember these trees I made last year?  And a reader (and friend) made this.