September 2016

Laundry Room Organization

Hi! I thought I’d start off with a funny laundry meme.  Do you ever feel like that?  I sure do!

I’ve been trying to finish up organizing this darn laundry room for weeks now, but, well, life gets in the way.  It took a while to get the sink and countertop installed and then my husband and I (it was mostly him as I watched and ‘assisted’) managed to hang shelves in there (we used the inexpensive wire ones from Home Depot) so I could finally get organizing.

I don’t have any side by side ‘before/after’ pictures to show you of the old laundry room vs. the new laundry room, like I did with the kitchen reveal and dining room reveal, because we destroyed the old one and moved it upstairs to the brand new part of the house.  The laundry room used to be just outside of the kitchen as you come in from the garage.  However we used this space to add the stairs that lead up to our newly added second floor (and added a powder bath at the bottom of the stairs).  When we were working with the architect I knew I wanted to have the laundry upstairs and they agreed that the best place to add the stairs we needed was in the old laundry room spot anyway which meant I could get my wish for an upstairs laundry room.  I also knew I wanted a bigger laundry room in the House house then we had in our old house but it didn’t need to be huge either.  I feel like its just the right size and serves its purpose and offers plenty of storage.  Overall, moving the laundry upstairs has been great and makes putting clothes and towels away much easier.

I don’t know about you but the amount of laundry we do around here is crazy.  I mean the damn towels alone!!! You’d think 38 people lived in this house, but nope, its just the four or us.  Don’t get me started.  HA!  Thankfully the hubby does his own laundry, but I do mine and the kids (which is A LOT). We both do towels.  Well, he washes the towels and then they sit in the basket or piled up somewhere until I fold them. Can anyone relate?

I wanted to pretty up this space since, lets face it, doing laundry is not the most exciting or fun household task.  At least not for me.  Here it is looking all messy and stuff.

Laundry Room, Before
Laundry Room, Before

I already had most of these bins and containers, which I purchased at Target a few years back.  The laundry room in our old house was just a hallway that lead in from the garage.  It had a utility closet and 2 shelves for storage. At one point a few years ago, I went on a laundry room organizing tear, hence purchasing all the bins.  I had found this on Pinterest and pretty much copied what she did.  In any case, they look good in here too and add some nice color.

Laundry Room, In Progress
Laundry Room, In Progress

Those of us with cats know the ugliness and smelliness of the litter box.  We have two indoor cats and two litter boxes.  We put them under the sink as you can see from the first picture below. I couldn’t stand looking at them any longer so I made these little curtains to cover them up.

I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  Of course the fabric I liked and thought would match the best was not on sale and pricier than most.  What can I say? I’ve got expensive taste!  But, you gotta love those 40% off coupons that you can get from their website.  All you have to do is flash the coupon to the cashier from your phone to get the deal. I also needed some tension rods which I got at Target.  To make the curtain, all I did was measure what height I needed, cut the fabric to size,  folded over the top then used my glue gun to create a seam to put the tension rod in.   Not to complicated and no sewing involved (and I didn’t really care if they were ‘perfect’ since it is the laundry room after all) and they slide open fairly easy when it is time to scoop out the mess.  Thankfully this is one of my husband’s jobs.  Thanks honey!

I found this “Laundry Room, Help Wanted” sign on Amazon and thought it was cute. I also added some of my beach photography (can you see the heart in the photo on the far right?  I took that in the Bahamas a few years ago.  It was the view from our hotel room and I spotted it right away. How appropriate since who doesn’t ‘heart’ the Bahama’s, amiright?)

Here is an up close look at one of the bins and sign.  I found these free printable signs from the Better Homes and Gardens web site and used a laundry clip to attach them to the bins.

Laundry Room organization
Laundry Room organization

There are still some things I want to finish up in here.  I need a clothes drying rack and might try to DIY one.  Just need to get all the supplies and get ‘er done.  Stay tuned for that. But for now it is 100% better than it was before.

Here is a before/after for ya. Looks much better, right?  Makes doing laundry a little bit better.

And here are a few more funny laundry memes that I thought would make you laugh. I am guilty of the middle one.  ALL THE TIME!

My Kitchen!

Hey Y’all, Exciting News…

I can’t believe it!  A picture of my kitchen has been featured on the Shutterfly website on the 100 Kitchen Decoration Ideas page (which I never knew existed but I love!!!)!  Pretty cool huh?  Check it out! Look for this picture below.

Another angle of my kitchen island reveal
Another angle of my kitchen island reveal

Laundry Room…

I am working on a writing a blog post of my newly organized laundry room and hope to be able to publish it this week.  Laundry!  Exciting stuff I know.  haha!  Here is a little sneak peak.

That is it for now.  Just wanted to share my good news.  Have a great day!


Dining Room Reveal

Dining Room Reveal at the House house…

Today I’m going to show you our dining room.  It is still a work in progress but I’m going to show you how it looks ‘so far’.  This is not a room that we use that often but it is nice to have and will be great for Holidays.

Before and After…

I could only find a few ‘before’ pictures and one of them is below with my youngest son being a wild man, running straight at the camera.  Crazy kid.  I wanted to include it though because it is the same view as the picture next to it, but looks very different don’t ya think?  We replaced the 3 windows with a beautiful bay window, changed the flooring, knocked down the wall that separated the dining and living room (I was standing at that wall when I took this first picture), got rid of the arches and made the openings bigger, and painted the walls (blue, of course….I love my blue!!).  We went back and forth about getting rid of the arches.  I liked the character of them but also thought they looked dated and more of a ‘Spanish style’ and didn’t really go with our ‘Beachy/Coastal theme’, so we got rid of them and made the openings a lot wider.

We’ve had this furniture for a long time, but a whole new set is not in the budget at the moment so it’ll have to do, for now.  We’ve also had this Pottery Barn rug for probably 12 years.  It has held up great and matches perfectly in here.

I tried to decorate my hutch so it is a little less formal.  I used to display my china in it.  I still do but have added other things too. You can see my obsession with blue runs deep.  Even my china, which is 11 years old now, has a blue rim and all my accent pieces/platters and stuff are all blue.  My bridemaid’s all wore blue in my wedding too (and I had a beachy theme).  I have issues!  😉  The lowest shelf is my collection of wine decanters and ice buckets.  (I told ya I have issues…haha!)

Styled china cabinet in dining room
Styled china cabinet

I had the hardest time finding a good chandelier.  All the ones I loved where crazy expensive.  I wanted something glass and not to ‘formal’ and found this one on for only $115, which is sold out at the moment.  I found a similar one here though if anyone is looking for a glass chandelier. Mine is huge but still seems maybe a little to small for the room, but it is hand blown glass and beautiful.  It also has the same shape as the hanging pendant lights over my kitchen island so thought it matched well and sort of tied the 2 rooms together.  I decided to put rope around the hanging cords since I didn’t like how they looked.  It looks better than the cords, but may need another layer of rope.  I told ya it’s a work in progress, right?

The maps…  

We ordered these maps online after I saw one of Naples in a local shop.  We got them online here. They are super cool 3D maps made out of wood. Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me the one of Cape Cod, Massachusetts because we spend lots of time there in the summer, and I have a thing for maps.  Once we hung it up we realized another one would look perfect on the other side of the hutch so we ordered one of Narraganset Bay/Newport, Rhode Island because we got married there, and have spent a lot of time there too.  I love them and our guests seem to too.


Overall I am happy with how my dining room looks, so far.  I still have a few things I want to tackle in this room, like maybe some crown molding, some slipcovers for my chairs, and possibly a window seat under that bay window similar to these below.  In due time…..

I hope you enjoyed my dining room reveal. Looks pretty different huh?

10 Things We Learned While Remodeling

10 Things We Learned While Remodeling

We learned a lot while remodeling the House house.  Stuff I never cared to know (like how many different kinds of mold there are) and stuff that I found interesting (like all the different steps that go into building a pool).  Here are the top things we learned and wanted to share with you.

1. Everything, and I mean everything, will cost more than you think it will (or want it to!!!). We had sticker shock on so many things and we went quite a bit over our original budget.

2. You and your spouse/significant other will disagree.  The stress levels got a little out of hand on more than one occasion and, yes, we didn’t always agree on things.  In fact, we often had completely different ideas on how things should look.  But, we always worked it out and are happy with how everything turned out.

3. It will take WAY longer than you expect, or want. You buy the house, hire a contractor and think….”yes, this will be done in no time.  It won’t take that long.” This will not be the case. Our entire remodel was a year and a half long.  We knew it would take a long time but honestly didn’t think it would take a year and a half.

4. Don’t cheap out on certain things. For us that was windows, floors and our pool.  We felt that getting the higher quality, hurricane impact windows was worth it, especially living in a place that can get some pretty bad hurricanes (and you get a break on your home insurance too). I also wanted hard wood floors in our main living area and so we splurged and got nice quality ones.  We also spent extra to get the large pool we wanted. This made sense for us since we live in Florida and we use it ALL THE TIME, all year round.

5.  It is a good idea to hire a general contractor.  For us remodeling newbies, it was worth it to pay an expert to help us through the process.  Sure we had our ups and downs with him, and it took way longer than expected but without him and his expertise we would still be waiting for stuff to get done.

6. You must learn to be patient. There will be delays due to weather, backorders, permits, etc.  Things completely out of your control.  It will be frustrating but there will be nothing you can do, except wait. I think my husband and I both created a few new swear words.

7. Learn to expect the unexpected.  Things will come up just when you think you are about done, like our mold situation I talked about here, here and here.

Mold Killer!
Mold Killer!

8. I am not good at decision making.  I live for remodeling shows on HGTV and DIY network but when it came time to choose items for my own home it became very overwhelming.  I knew I wanted a coastal, beachy vibe but I also like so many other styles and I wasn’t always sure if what I was selecting would look ok and all go together.  I am happy with everything I chose and realized, hmmm, as long as I like it then who the hell cares!  It is my house after all.  Hiring a designer would have been ideal but I thought I could handle it and it wasn’t in the budget to do so.

Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Remodel

9. You will make mistakes.  There were several things that we didn’t notice on the architectual drawings that were built and then we had to tear down and fix.  Like this column I talked about that had to go!

Column that needed to be removed

10. Personalities will clash.  My husband is very detail oriented, a definite perfectionist (and some might say a control freak) and this didn’t always go over well with our general contractor.

Overall our experience was mostly a good one and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.  That being said, I’m not sure I’d be willing to do another big remodel anytime soon and we don’t plan on going anywhere anyway.

Has anyone else done this big of a remodel?  What did you learn?