June 2016

Weekly House Remodel Move in Update – June 30, 2016

Hi All,

I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve posted anything.  Sorry.  The  kids have been out of school since June 7th and it makes it hard to get any writing done, plus we’ve been concentrating on getting stuff accomplished around the house, and we went away for 5 days.  Anyway,  we are still getting settled in and figuring out how to decorate our HUGE living room.  Lots of little things, and big things too, have been done in the last couple of weeks like; repaired a bunch of drywall holes, mounted tv’s on the walls, landscaping, driveway pavers….but there is still a lot of little things to finish up like; install backsplash tile, finish hanging curtains/shades, hang artwork, install dining room chandelier….the list goes on and on.

Here are some things that did get done.


I can’t believe it!  We finally have a pool!!!!  And our yard has finally been leveled and there is no more giant dirt pile.  It looks amazing, and huge, and in desperate need of grass and landscaping (which is coming really soon)!  There was a catch though.  We couldn’t use the damn thing for 3 weeks.  3 weeks!  Who knew?  The pool finally gets finished and then we had to wait to swim in it? Apparently we needed to wait for the water to balance and the plaster to set before going in or we could have damaged it.  🙁

Anyway, here are some pictures of it.

What do you think?

We waited until we got back from our trip to Boston to finally jump in, which was just this week! It was worth the wait.


Our old beat up driveway got a nice overhaul.  And, its much bigger now too.  It looks awesome.


The closets and pantry are done.  What a relief that it.  I was so sick of looking at the piles of stuff all over the place. Here are some pictures of my closet.  Yes, I get my own!  It’s not huge but definitely plenty big for me.  I actually have tons of room left over that I need to fill up.  Shopping trip!!!

I finally got a nice pantry.  Our last house had a very small one.  This one is not huge either, but there is PLENTY of space for everything I need and then some.  There is a beam that runs right through this space so we did shelves on either side and then small shelves in front of it for spices, oils and stuff like that.  I am very happy with how it turned out.

I won’t bore you with any more closet photos but the rest of them are just as nice and offer us plenty of storage.

Living room…

We are having trouble figuring out how to decorate this huge space and we need to buy some new furniture for sure.  We just haven’t had much time and/or money right now.

Here are some pictures of it. Try to ignore all the clutter….boxes, picture frames, etc.  🙂

We would like to keep the sectional, for now, which faces the tv.  Our issue is what to do with the rest of the space?  I am thinking of getting a seating/conversation area to put on the other wall.  Right now we have our old very dark chocolate brown furniture over there, which just doesn’t seem to match, and will be getting painted or something soon.  We will figure it out.  What would you do with all this space?  Suggestions welcome!!!

Backsplash Tile…

My awesome and gorgeous backsplash tile finally arrived.  You may remember me talking about it in my last post.  I am hoping to actually get it installed next week.  We’re in the process of finding someone to do it now.  It’ll go on this wall.

My Kitchen Wall without a backsplash
My Kitchen Wall without a backsplash

We are close to getting the kids rooms complete.  There are just a few more things that need to be hung and organized.  Maybe next time I post I will finally have a ‘room reveal’ for you.

That is all I got for now.  I’ll try to post something real soon. Thanks for reading.

Reader DIY Project – Dining Room Table

I really wish I could take credit for building this amazing table but I can’t.  However, my buddy Patrick ‘Chubbs” Lawson can.  He made this out of pallet wood.  Pallet wood people!  Isn’t it amazing?  I love the rustic look and feel of it.  Check out how he did it….

“I wanted to make a quality dining table for my family that wouldn’t break my piggy bank.  I searched several ideas on the internet and decided to pick one of the coolest but not so simple designs.  I decided to do a herringbone design with pallet wood for the top.  I also think if I can build this, anyone can do it.  NOTE: I am not an expert so this project was by trial and error.

I could tell you how I broke up the pallets but there are so many ways you can find to do it on the internet.  It all depends on if you have certain cutting tools or not.  I did it the old way with a pry tool and a hammer.

I picked about 50 pieces that I thought would look good as the table top and then ripped them down to 2” strips and squared the ends.  I then sanded and rounded the edges of each board with a palm sander.  All in all I used 82 pieces for the table top.

I organized them by thickness and color.  You can use all one thickness or use a variety of thicknesses for a more rustic look, which is what I did.

Pallet wood seperated

To make your table lighter you could use particle board for the base of your table top, but I wanted good wood that lasts, so I used 1/4″ pine plywood which was lighter over all but sturdy enough for the pallet planks. The first placement of your planks are crucial. ( DO NOT START GLUING OR NAILING DURING THIS POINT.) Make your pattern and plan your table design on your platform. This will allow you to move pieces around to get that perfect and unique look. Once your are satisfied with each placement, number each board left to right so that you can remember which board goes where. At this time you will need to cut your planks to size.  Clamp the first two and then in the middle to keep the pattern tight.

To cut the pieces to the right length is very simple. Just underscore the planks with a pencil, while they are in the design you want, to get your length. All cuts are a 45 degree angle and is easy to do on a miter saw. Once everything fits the way you want, wood glue is all you need to put the planks in place. If you have a nail gun you can use this in addition to the glue but not necessary. (Make sure you still clamp and mark the first two if you’re not going to use the nail gun).


Now to start on the legs. I wanted to build these legs but you can go simpler with a “Farm Style” table leg design, but why go easy now.

Table leg design

You will need:

6- 2×4

1-2X6 Center bracing

3-1×3 for the skirt of the table top.

Back to the top of the table, and this will take a long time, and that’s the long and tedious amount of sanding. I started at 120 grit up to 400 grit to get the table smooth. After the days of sanding I cleaned the table from all the dust with a blower and dust brush, I began staining the top. I used natural tongue oil for this and as you can see it really brought out the color and wood grains.

As you can see I put the skirt on the table prior to using the stain on the table top. However I didn’t take pictures of it (I forgot). But to make it simple, I flipped the table top on its top on a flat surface. I used my garage floor. Then I cut and secured 2×4 (5) of them to the bottom of the table, making sure the cuts are exactly the width of the table. I secured the five 2×4 evenly spaced starting from the center and ends. I used 2″ deck screws to do this. I then cut to size the 1×3 for the sides first and secured them to the 2×4 and making sure the edges are flat on the ground. They were secured with wood glue and several 2″ finishing nails. I then did the same concept to the ends skirts. Believe it or not, this is easiest way ever to do the skirt as long as your surface is flat and leveled.

I used clear semi gloss polyurethane for the table top. I put 6 coats on the table. The key to this and I am sorry to say is sanding. After each coat use your 400 grit or higher to sand the entire table. It takes about a good day for this to dry so this took me about 6 days to complete. When you sand before applying each coat will

1. Sand down the uneven parts of the polyurethane.

2. It makes the table feel like glass. So don’t skip this part. You will be proud and the talk of the town when you’re done.

I had to assemble the table inside the house and stained the 2×6 once I put the legs on the table. If you stain the 2×6 prior to sliding it through the legs you will have to redo it again anyways so you might as well wait.

The one thing I did not do is talk about the measurements of the table. I was a bit ambitious and the table you see is eight feet long and 42″ wide. It sits 10 comfortably. Since it’s just me and the wife we are looking forward to our first dinner party. Make your table to fit the area you need and for your family. I am only using chairs for the end and is now in the making of two benches to match the table. The legs are the same design but smaller in scale and the top of the benches are made of 3/4″ smooth pine plywood for better comfort. I will take pictures when they are done.”

How about some love for Patrick and this amazing table!!!!