March 2016

Wednesday Weekly Update – 3/23/16

Hello All!  The kids were off for Spring Break last week so I didn’t have time for a weekly update.  We were in Orlando.  We visited Aquatica, SeaWorld and the Universal parks.  It was very fun time.  Back to reality this week.

While we were gone lots of stuff went down at the House house


The drywall is done!  Hallelujah!  What a long way we have come.  Here are before/afters,

Our painter is ready to begin painting.  Trim is going up this week too and then we’ll be ready for floors.



The pool is looking good.  They installed all the plumbing and we just heard that they passed all inspections so are ready for the next step.  Yippee!


Lanai roof…

The lanai roof is just about done too.  Take a look.  It is HUGE.


Since we need to be out of our current home at the end of this month and our new home is not ready yet, we need to find a temporary place to live by April 1st.  Yes, I know April 1st is next week!  I am kinda freaking out here.  We’ve been looking on VRBO for a short term rental.  One that takes cats.  We have a few places that we are going to take a look at and will make a decision ASAP.  Anyway, we had a POD delivered to our home which will be filled up and taken to storage.  We also plan to fill up the garage and, now that the drywall and painting are done, some of the rooms in the House house.  We have a lot of stuff!!! We may have to shift things around a bit as the contractors get floors installed in some rooms.  We really don’t have much of a choice at this point, unless we want to put everything in storage until it is completely done but that just seems like a waste of time.  Did I mention that moving and packing sucks!  UGH!


Things are moving along nicely.  We are getting close to the fun stuff.  Decorating!

Reader DIY Upcycled Coffee Bar!

My friend (and neighbor), Amy Anstead, sent me this fun project to share.  Amy and her husband Tom are both very handy.  They’ve done all sorts of DIY projects around their house including building a pretty awesome swing set/playset for their 2 young girls!   Amy is also super smart.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through chemo she developed an all natural, aluminum-free, paraben-free deodorant that actually works called Fantabulous.  Please check out her web site!  The stuff is great, not to mention smells incredible.  I was one of her first ‘testers’ and the stuff rocks.   I use it every day and can truly feel good about the ingredients I am putting on my body.

Anyway, check out her upcycled, DIY Coffee Bar.  Good job Amy!

“Below is the dresser we used for our project. It came with a bedroom set we bought for my daughter’s room. The set wasn’t very expensive, but this dresser was really rickety from the time we got it (and put it together). After my daughter decided to climb on it to get something off the shelf and it toppled over onto the open bottom drawer, it needed a new life and home. (I know, I know, I should have attached it to the wall. Luckily she wasn’t hurt too badly.) Here it is in the kitchen where it will have a new home. Note the whiteboard—our command center (which will be moved), and the “Music and Sound” classic 1989 intercom, radio and cassette tape player that doesn’t work—that’s gonna go too.

Dresser, Before
Dresser, Before
I wanted to do this project on the cheap, so I used paint we already had in the house. I felt like this would keep the palette working with the colors we already had in the house. We’re going for a beachy look.
Testing paint colors
Testing paint colors

Here’s my husband painting the dresser and the drawers. Thank goodness he’s always on board with my projects.

The painted dresser. We removed the bottom two drawers and added an oak floor (we did have to purchase this nice oak).

Upcycled DIY Coffee Bar
Upcycled DIY Coffee Bar

We got some helpers to paint the inside areas.

Painting helpers
Painting helpers

I found these baskets on clearance at Target. We may spray paint the metal a black, but we’ll see. Notice that the “Music and Sound” is gone—filled in with wall board and spackle.

Coffee Bar Almost done!
Coffee Bar Almost done!

We painted a rectangle with chalkboard paint and added a shelf (again from Target).  And got another piece of wood from Home Depot and 6 hooks from World Market to make this hanging rack.

Viola! Our coffee bar!  It’s been great to have a place to put these appliances and free up some space on our kitchen counter. I think we were all in for about $70.”

Coffee Bar Complete!
Coffee Bar Complete!

Thank you Amy for submitting your awesome project.  It looks so cute!  When are ya having me over for coffee?  🙂

Do you have a fun project to share?  Contact me!

Wednesday Weekly Update – 3/9/16 – Mold be gone!

Mold Updates…

Last week I told you about our mold issues.  Here is the latest.

We finally got our second mold test back and levels of one type of mold are still somewhat high (they test for about 20+ different molds).  The good news is that our levels of stachybotrys chartarum, aka the dreaded ‘black mold’, are non existent.  Whew!   That is the stuff you really don’t want in your house.  On Monday we met with our contractor and a representative from the mold company and came up with a solution.  First off, the mold company told us that at this stage in the construction it is difficult to get an accurate reading.  Doors are constantly opening/closing, there are building materials and debris and dust everywhere, etc.  They could take 10 tests and potentially get back 10 different results.  That being said and knowing our mold counts are not that bad (and the test is probably not 100% accurate as stated above) we decided we are going to replace the insulation in the ceiling downstairs (since it probably contains mold), and paint the exposed wood areas with a kilz type paint to stop any further mold growth. We can then cover it all up with drywall and be done with it. There will always be some levels of mold in your house, especially in Florida.  This whole situation set us back about 3 weeks.  Grrrrr!  Sucks!  But,  we will be back on track next week.

Insulation to be replaced and wood areas to be painted with Kilz to get rid of any more mold growth
Insulation to be replaced and wood areas to be painted with Kilz

The painter that we used to paint the outside of the house, Gomez Painting, will be doing the job and started today.  Then the drywallers will be able to re-start on Thursday or Friday.  They still have a few weeks worth of work.


Our pool shell has been poured and it looks so good!  Pool tile is up next.

My Foot…

Thanks for all your concern about my foot.  It is all better now and I am back to lifting heavy things at the gym.  Let’s just hope I don’t drop any of those heavy things on my foot again. ;-0

Injury = Boredom (and blog updates)

Hello All.  I injured myself.  I dropped a 35 pound barbell on my right foot yesterday at the gym.  I’ve never done that before, even after doing Crossfit for over 6 years.  The darn thing just slipped right outta my hands and right ontta my foot.  Let me tell you…it hurt! Bad!  I left the gym, a little embarrassed I must say, and iced it for an hour or so.  I felt okay so I went about my day, ya know, grocery shopping, visiting the appliance store to finalize our order, walked to the bus stop to get the kids, etc.  I started making dinner and WHAM the foot swelled up and I could barely move it.  It freaked me out.  I contacted my doctor friend, who also happens to do Crossfit with me almost every day (and was there when it happened) and he advised me to ice it, elevate it and take some Motrin.  And wouldn’t ya know? It worked. I really thought I was going to have to go to the ER last night, it hurt that bad.  I am taking it easy today so I don’t have a repeat incident.  I’ve been lying on the couch all damn day watching tv and icing my stupid foot so I thought I’d take this opportunity to update my blog.


Check out my updated Before/After page. Even though things are at a standstill right now with the mold situation there has been lots of progress since we started.

And check out my Products I Love page. Yes, this an affiliate page which means if you click on any of the links and purchase something then I make a small commission.  So good ahead, buy some stuff!  I dare ya. 😉

They poured the concrete in our new pool today.  Holy cow!  It looks amazing!

Pool progress!
Pool progress!

I will be taking it easy again tomorrow by going to the beach with some friends.  I feel the need to stay out of the gym for a few more days.  LOL

Wednesday Weekly Update – 3/2/16

Mold, mold go away…

Last week I told you about our unfortnate mold situation.  Well, it is still ongoing!  We had a remediation company come last Friday and Saturday to clean, scrub, and do their thing.  Monday we had the mold testing company come back to test and make sure it was all gone.  We were supposed to get the results back yesterday (Tuesday) but…..nope!  Still waiting.  2 phone calls later and still nothing.  I really hope they call us back today so we can get back on track with the drywalling and the rest of the damn house. I feel like I’ve been talking about getting the drywalling done for so damn long now. This is beyond frustrating!!!

We closed on our current house yesterday.  The new owners are renting it back to us until March 31st. That means we have about 30 days to get this job done, or at least ‘done enough’ for us to move in there while the rest of the house gets finished. Yikes! The pressure is really on now.


The good news is that the outside of the house has been painted and it looks really nice.  For you locals we used Gomez Painting and they were great.  We’ve used them in the past for other jobs. They are hard working, reliable, professional and very reasonably priced.  Here are before/after photos.


There is a giant hole in our backyard!  It is hard to tell from this photo, but its gonna be a pretty darn big pool.  Step One, as you see below, is complete. They are supposed to be pouring the concrete this week.  We decided to make the shallow and deep end go from front to back instead of from side to side.  This was my husband’s idea.  He thinks there will be more swimmable space this way.

Future Pool
Future Pool

Here is a reminder of how the pool will look eventually. It will be 15 x 30 feet which is a very good sized pool.

Our future pool!
Our future pool!


The power company came last week to shut off our power so the electricians could update us to a 300 amp service.  The electrician had to order a special part to complete the job and wouldn’t ya know, they sent him the wrong part.  Of course they did.  This seems to be the way things are going these days.  Anyway, this should be complete in the next few days.

That is it for now.  Please say a prayer for us that the mold is gone so we can MOVE ON.  Thank you!!!