February 2016

Reader DIY Trash to Treasure

Check out this great trash to treasure transformation that my high school friend Heather was able to pull off.  Her boyfriend literally took this piece out of someone’s trash for her because he thought she could do something with it.  (What a nice boyfriend!). You know how the saying goes….”someone else’s trash is another’s treasure”.  Nice work Heather!!!

Here is how it looked when they got it.

It is a nice piece but was pretty beat up and slightly damaged (from moisture).  But, all that was needed was a little elbow grease, some sanding, and a good paint job to bring it back to life.  She primed it first since it was bare wood and then put on 2 coats of paint. The paint color is called ‘Bay Of Naples’ (how appropriate).  She finished it with 3 layers of clear polyurethane and was able to have a new top made for $55.

Good job Heather!  This makes me want to find some trash on the side of the road and fix it up.  HAHA!

Do you have a fun project to share?  Contact me.


Wednesday Weekly Remodel Update – 2/24/16 – Remodel Issues

Good Old House Remodel Issues…

If you missed any of my past updates please check them out here.

I missed posting an update last week.  Sorry about that.  We had a remodel issue come up and frankly I was so discouraged/upset/confused/and things were so ‘up in the air’ that I honestly couldn’t write about it. We learned a lot in a week.

Here is the deal.

Before the drywall starting going up we noticed some mold in some areas of the house.  It appeared to be just surface mold so our contractor sprayed it with a solution that was supposed to kill it.   Drywall was started.  For our own peace of mind, we ordered a mold test before it was started to see if it was all gone (and got the results back a few days after they had drywalled a good portion of the house) and what do you know, it was not.  (Some of the mold may have come with the house but some of the mold was found upstairs in the new part of the house. We did have lots of rain this year and some of the new wood framing was exposed to the elements for quite some time.  Florida is a hot and humid place and mold is a known issue here.)  We’ve since had 2 mold tests (the first one seemed ‘off’ so our contractor sent another guy, who was WAY more thorough!!!) and are awaiting results from the second one.  We think that the areas in question will just need to get scrubbed clean and all will be well again, but we are waiting for the results to see if further action is needed.  Soooooo, the job is on hold until we get it all figured out and fixed.  The drywall was looking so good and we appeared to be on track, but once we got this test result we had to stop everything.  You see, some of the drywall might need to come down to get to the mold behind it but honestly we just aren’t sure yet.  The whole situation sucks and we hope to be back on track on soon!  One thing is for sure, we do not want mold in our house.


The pool has begun!  We will probably be able to swim in our pool before we can sleep in our house.  LOL

Pool has begun!


Here is what the drywall looks like so far.  Sorry, not the best photos.  I didn’t have my ‘good’ camera with me so these were taken on my iPhone.  The lighting is not the greatest in the house yet either.

Exterior Paint Color…

In case you missed my Facebook or Instagram post….I finally got some sample paint colors to try out on our house.  I am leaning towards one but am not sure yet.  What do you think?  By the way, these samples look way different than the 2 x 3 inch piece of paper you pick up at the paint store.  They also look so different in the shade vs. the sunlight.  Decisions, decisions! I was thinking I liked the look of the gray stucco but wanted something a bit more beige.  These all came out way beiger than I thought but I do like them.

The colors are as follows, from left to right…Yes, these are the same three colors.  Don’t they look so different in the shade vs. the sunlight?  Which is your favorite? Left picture is in the sunlight and right is in the shade.

1.  Windsor Greige (which to me does not look ‘gray’ at all)

2.  Sand Bar

3.  Sand Beach


4.  None of the above

We need to decide soon cause they are scheduled to begin painting on Monday.  Whoot whoot!  The inside of the house might be in shambles but at least the outside will start to look ‘finished’. 🙂


On my last post I mentioned that they were going to be laying down some cement on the side of the house and at the entrance of the house.  Those were both finished and look good.  We will be laying tiles down on this area, eventually.

New cement poured.
New cement poured.

DIY Projects???

I haven’t posted a DIY project in a long time.  Does anyone have one to share with me/us?  I haven’t done any projects in a long time.  I’m waiting to move into the House house first. Please Contact me if you have something to share.  Thanks!

We hope to be back on track by the next weekly update with no more house remodel issues!  Say a little prayer for us.

Weekly Wednesday Update – 2/10/16, Insulation and other stuff!

Hi!  Lots of stuff happening this week.  If you have missed any of my past house remodel updates, feel free to catch up on them here.


They prepped our house yesterday so that the spray foam insulation could get sprayed in today!  Whoop whoop!  This is big people!  BIG!  I am very excited. This stuff is going to be great and help reduce our energy bills.

Drywall, finally…

Also BIG….Drywall is getting delivered Friday so they can begin installation Monday.  YES!!!  I am told it will take about one week to install it all.  I can’t wait!  It will finally start to feel like a real, honest-to-goodness house.  Also once this is done things will start happening fast (or so I’m told).


I made some final tile selections for the guest bath and master bath.  I still need to decide on the kids bath and laundry room but I’ll probably go with something simple and inexpensive.

Front door…

Our front door was installed last week.  Here it is.  Nice huh?  The openness of it will bring in a lot of light to the otherwise dark entrance.  Yesterday they were prepping the area in front of it for concrete (as well as an area on the side of the house where the AC units will go).



We decided to get a few more quotes to paint our house. I thought the first quote was pretty high and we wanted to see if we could get the price down before we committed to anything.  Well, we found someone who will do it for less than half of the first quote.  We had some final excavation done over the weekend all around the house and are not ready to paint at this time.  So stay tuned for that.  I still need to decide on a color anyway.  😉

Things are moving along.  Lovin’ it!


Wednesday Weekly House Remodel Update – 2/3/16

After a busy morning I got home around noon, then I was going to start working on this update.  My husband came home shortly after and said, “let’s head to the beach for a couple hours before the kids get home from school”.  Um, what? The beach with no kids?  Sounded like heaven to me and the weather was perfect. My silly little blog could wait.   So, we were out the door and at the beach within about 20 minutes.  I am so glad we went.  Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and beach it. Am I right?

Now Onto House Updates…

The shingles are completed.  See!  Don’t they look good?


The  insulation was scheduled to begin on Monday only we changed our mind about what kind of insulation we wanted.  It was going to be just regular old insulation, ya know, the pink fiberglass kind that comes in rolls? That is until we met someone who told us to use the foam stuff called Icynene.  This stuff is supposed to keep the attic temperature down (in HOT Florida) allowing you to actually be able to store stuff up there, as well as many other benefits.  Anyway, once this stuff gets sprayed in, the drywall can go up. Yippeee!

Paint colors…

We selected three paint colors to try on our house.  They are, Perfect Greige, Windsor Greige and Sandbar all by Sherwin Williams.  The first two are more ‘gray’ than the last one. I can’t wait to see how they look.  Before we paint though, we need to clean up the stucco around the perimeter of the property.  This is scheduled to happen tomorrow.


Good news. The AC is installed and has been inspected and approved.  Things are moving along.  If it wasn’t for us changing our minds about the insulation we’d be even further along.  But, we want things done right.

That is about all for this week.  You can read all my past updates here.

Thanks for reading!