December 2015

Wednesday Weekly House Remodel Update – 12/30/15

Hello All!  Yes, I skipped sending out an update last week.  Sorry about that.  We were traveling and busy and not much was going on with the house remodel anyway.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We sure did.  We spent a few days in Massachusetts with family.  It was really nice and not to cold.  We flew back here in time for Christmas (with my mother-in-law in tow).  We spent Christmas Eve at the House house partying in our front yard. My husband put together some Christmas lights, a blow up thing, put up a tent and we lit a bonfire to make popcorn on, even though it was 80 degrees outside.  It was super fun.  Friends and neighbors stopped by for some wine and laughs and tons of cars drove through to see all the lights in the neighborhood.  Santa brought lots of goodies Christmas day for our boys.  We are very blessed.

Partying at the House house on Christmas Eve
Partying at the House house on Christmas Eve

Laptop Issues…..

I am having issues with my laptop.  UGH!  My 4 year old MacBook Pro decided to die the other day.  I was working away, minding my own business when it just decided to shut down.  I tried to reboot and….nothing.  We have an Apple store nearby and an iHospital (which I would highly recommend checking out if you ever have issues with your apple products; no lines, great service, great prices, knowledgeable staff.)  I brought the laptop into the iHospital and they determined it was the logic board. Huh? The what now? Yes, the logic board.  It is the thing that controls your graphics, or something like that.  Anyway, it was broken and they said they’d have to send it out to be replaced and I’d get it back in 10-14 days to the tune of $550. Ouch!  Fine, I agreed.  Just get it done.  Well, turns out there is a known issue with my particular MacBook with the logic board, so iHospital called and said I’d need to pick up my laptop and bring it to the Apple store (where it may be covered – which would be great).  But, yuck!  That place is always packed.  So, I picked it up today and headed to the Apple store.  OMG, it was super packed!  I waited in line to be told there would be at least a 4 hour wait to speak to a technician, or I could schedule an appointment. Fine, let’s schedule an appointment I say. The next appointment available isn’t until January 9th.  What?  So, I scheduled it and came home with a still broken laptop! Grrr!  I could try to get to the Apple store first thing in the morning before they open and MAYBE just maybe be able to speak to a technician.  But, they told me there is usually a bunch of people waiting to get in way before they open so chances of speaking to someone are unknown!  Gross.  That doesn’t sound like much fun.  Anyway, how frustrating is that mess??? Thankfully I am able to use the hubby’s computer today while he is out golfing and hopefully I will get this straightened out soon.

Anyhooooo, onto the house updates…

The electricians have been working their little bootays off and things are looking good. It is nice to see all the electrical outlets and wires flowing through the walls.  Things are coming together.

The addition is getting prepared to get stucco on it.  It almost looks like its painted a dark blue in this (badly lit) photo but it is just the weather proofing stuff and chicken wire material they put up first.  Not sure of the technical terms for this material but it sure looks like chicken wire.  Anyway, we will need to pick out a paint color soon.  Any suggestions?  What would you do?


Bay window done, getting ready for stucco
Bay window done, getting ready for stucco

The bay window is all framed in and looks amazing.  All the sliders are now installed too and they look great.

Happy New Year…

I can’t believe tomorrow is New Years Eve!  May you all have a happy, safe, and healthy New Year!

Thanks for reading and letting me rant about my laptop.  Be back next week!


Wednesday Weekly House Remodel Update – 12/16/15

More Windows…

I talked about windows in last week’s house remodel update and was hoping more windows would go in this week.  And, they have!  Check them out.  The whole downstairs is now complete however, we are still waiting for 2 sliders to go in the back of the house.  We are getting a really large slider in the main/great room of the house and another, regular sized one in the room we are calling the ‘guest lounge’.  They were working on framing those today.  I love the new bay window.  It is not quite done yet but it is getting there!

Downstairs windows are in!
Downstairs windows are in!
bay window
Closer look at bay window.

I gotta admit I was a little unsure about the Brittany finish we selected for the windows but now that they are in, I love them.  What do you guys think?

Here is a side view of the house.

Side view of windows.
Side view of windows.

Garage Door…

We had to pick out a garage door today.  So many choices.  Windows, or no windows?  Traditional style or something more modern?  Short panels or long panels? Ribbed panel or flush panel?  What?  Aaaahhhh!  Lots of choices.  Am I right?  Our sales guy is going to price out the traditional short panel door with windows and without windows.  Doors with windows are much more expensive since the glass has to be impact glass so it may be something we can live without.  These short panels doors are pretty standard. You see them on most houses. Every time we have to pick out something new I find myself looking at what everybody else has.  You don’t really think about garage doors until you have to pick one out. So, I’ve been driving around today looking at all my neighbors garage doors.  A few weeks ago it was windows and I’ve also been checking out peoples faucets every time I can.  HA!  Anyway, I think this door will be just fine.

Type of garage door we picked out.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Are you all done with your Christmas shopping?  I am almost there.  We have a busy week coming up. We leave Saturday to go to Massachusetts for a few days.  We will be celebrating with my husband’s side of the family on Saturday afternoon.  I can’t wait to see them all.  It has been to long.  Plus, my oldest son has a birthday this Friday, the 18th, (which he shares with his uncle Dennis who we will see on Saturday).  We are having about 14 boys at our local Bounce (trampoline place) for a birthday party.  Fun, fun!  I think it is hard having a birthday a week before Christmas, but he doesn’t seem to mind at all.  In fact, I think he likes it.

There is still something weird to me, being here in Florida, around Christmas time.  Even after being here for 6 years now.  It is weird to get used to no cold, no snow, no cold weather gear and layering up. Last night we visited Santa.  We’ve gone to the same place every year since we’ve lived here to see him.  The Venetian Village in Naples.  They have a boat parade, pictures with Santa, Christmas Carolers, balloon artist, face painting, Mrs. Claus reads stories, and they have a huge Christmas tree that they light up and then it ‘snows’ (with bubbles).  The kids love it.  But, it is still weird to me to be able to walk around in shorts and flip flops.  Not that I’m complaining! I actually love it.

IMG_6096 IMG_6093

Like I’ve mentioned in the past, our new neighborhood is the place to be at Christmas time.  Nearly every house is decorated (except ours….we actually joked about decorating the dumpster with lights, but the darn thing is finally getting removed from our driveway…yipeee).  Most streets have a theme and residents rent golf carts for the month that they decorate to drive around and see the lights.  Actually, people from all over Naples come to look at the lights.  Christmas Eve is especially busy and residents set up shop in their driveways (white trash style with couches and what not) and party and have a blast.  We will be joining in on the fun this year! Even though our house is not quite ready yet, we plan to set up a tent in the yard, maybe throw together some decorations, and have some fun!   Why not, right?

What are your Christmas and Christmas Eve plans?

Not sure I will be able to post an update next week as we will just be getting back in town.  Merry Christmas to you all!


Wednesday Weekly Remodel Update 12/9/15 – Windows

OMG we have windows….

As I mentioned in last week’s post several of the windows had been installed in our house remodel.  Well, this week all of the windows and two doors have been installed in our second story addition!  They look so great!  The crew is there this week working on framing the first floor windows. Can’t wait to see those installed.  It’ll be truly amazing to see actual windows installed instead of just large plywood boards placed over the window openings. Then it’ll really start looking like a real life, honest-to-goodness HOUSE.  The House house.  🙂

Can not wait to see actual windows installed downstairs. Coming soon!

Roof Updates…

Weather proofing was installed on the roof over the weekend.  I was surprised to see a whole crew working at the house on Saturday. I drove by to take some pictures and came across a bunch of guys on our roof. HA! It was pretty exciting (it’s the little things in life) since they don’t usually work on the weekends.

Before/After Photos….

It is really interesting (and fun, for me anyway) to go back and look at the ‘before’ photos.  The house was small but it sure was neat and clean.  And look at that nice grass!  Can’t wait to have a lawn back instead of piles of wood, dirt, cement and whatever the hell else is out in the backyard.

House remodel Backyard before
Backyard view, before

Here is the house to date.  Pretty amazing, am I right?  It has come so far!  It looks so messy but I know it has to be this way until it is complete. Have you checked out my Before/After page?  There are lots of good pictures there.  I can not wait to add final AFTER pictures.  Soon!

House remodel updates
Backyard view, in progress.

That is all for now…

Sorry for the very short update again this week.  This time of year is just so busy.  So much going on!

If you haven’t already, check out the Reader DIY project I posted on Monday by my very crafty friend.  And check out my list of Christmas Gifts too.

See ya next week!  Thanks for reading!

Reader DIY Project – Christmas Sign

Another Great DIY Project…
Once again my friend Bannon has sent me an awesome DIY Project.  How cute is this?  I LOVE that she used some scrap wood from the eye sore of a dumpster that has been occupying the House house driveway for the last few months!  Some of our neighbors are ADDING junk to that dumpster (when we are not there of course), but not Bannon!  We have found couches, tables and other junk that we only assume the neighbors are putting in there.  🙁  So, thank you for taking some scraps instead of adding some!  I should have saved some of that wood too for future projects. Damn!  Anyway, here is Bannon’s tutorial on this adorable, rustic, clever DIY Christmas Project. You can see her other great DIY projects here, herehere and here.
Reader DIY Christmas Project
“I picked up several perfect pieces of plywood from the House house dumpster (with permission) a few weeks ago. My grandmother had old signs to advertise her antique store and I have always loved them. I found this sign on Etsy for almost $60. I knew I could do it for WAY less…. challenge accepted!
I didn’t sand the board down first because I was going for a more rustic look. I painted the board in a flat white paint and then had to work on the letter. I tried on a previous project to do a stencil and filling in with paint, but that was nowhere close to the look I was going for. I decided to use a trick I use when I am updating my chalkboards. I printed out “Be” in a cursive font and “MERRY” in a straight line from WORD. I found the holly berries (a last minute addition) from clip art. I used a graphite pencil and colored it all over the back of each page. I lined everything up and taped it down with painters tape. I traced over each letter with a pen, which left a perfect pattern on the board.
Reader DIY Christmas ProjectReader DIY Christmas Project
Thanks to a pinterest post, I learned about Sharpie Paint Pens. My sweet husband braved Black Friday at Michaels and we picked up a couple. They are great! We picked the oil based pens, which are best for wood and windows. It is a mini can of paint in a perfect sized sharpie. I outlined each letter and then filled them in. It took less than 20 minutes to paint the entire thing.
Reader DIY Christmas Project

I let it dry a day before I used a hand sander to rough it up and smooth down the sides. It is PERFECT!! I love it so much, we are going to do a sign for our kitchen similar to a Chip and JoJo, Fixer Upper sign.”

Here is the finished product again…
What do you guys think?  Pretty cute, huh?  And it doesn’t look to difficult. Thank you Bannon.  Keep those crafty DIY Projects coming.
Reader DIY Christmas Project
Do you have a project you’d like to have featured on the House house?  Contact me!

Wednesday Weekly Update 12/2/15 – Short and Sweet

Well, it finally happened.  My Wednesday Update is late and officially a ‘Thursday update’.  Sorry folks. It was a very busy day yesterday. If you’d like to catch up on all of my Weekly Updates you can do so here.

Christmas Gift Ideas…

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I’ve found some fun and unique things for you. Check them out! Holiday Gift Ideas.  Most of them are on sale too! Bonus!

Now, Onto the House….

We are waiting on a roof inspection before we can proceed with putting up the weather proofing material, then the shingles. This is SUPPOSE to happen today (Thursday).  Once the inspection is complete and the weather proofing up we can start installing the electrical, the AC system, and the windows can go in.  Electrical and AC should take about a week to ten days.

The plumbing has been completed and is waiting for fixtures.

The support beam I talked about in last week’s update is scheduled to go up Friday.  Hope, hope!

A few windows have been installed in the upstairs of our house!!!  The weren’t supposed to be installed yet though so our contractor had to put a stop on the work.  The roof inspection needs to happen first.  Only a few went in so he thinks it will be okay.  They look good though.  See?

windows installed
Second Story Windows Installed


When are we gonna be in there….???

People keep asking us when we are going to be in the house.  I asked the contractor yesterday. He thinks 2 more months.  I am hopeful that is is right.  We are getting so anxious!

That is all for now.  I hope to have more to talk about next week.



Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on your List

Christmas Gift Ideas

Check out these great gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

For the adults in your life…

Imperial Home Moscow Mule Mug – $21.99

Have you ever tried a Moscow Mule?  They are delicious!  These would make a great gift for anyone.

Spinnerette USB Turntable Color: Red – $129.95

How cute is this?  It connects to any MP3 player!

Kosas Home Kira 24″ Bar Stool – $127.99

I love these barstools!

Cathys Concepts Personalized Large Wine Decanter – $35.99

Love the shape of this decanter.

Veneto Wine Gift 9 Piece Set – $24.99

This combined with the personalized decanter above and you’ve got yourself an amazing gift for someone.

Keg-O-Rator Refrigerated Kegerator Finish: Black – $481.99

What man wouldn’t want his own personal Keg-O-Rator

Personalized Gift Family Tree Graphic Art on Canvas – $44.99

Cute! For the ‘hard to buy for’ person in your life.

For the kids in your life…

Dual Theme Dollhouse – Ice Mansion & Dream Castle – $119.99
For the little girl on your life.

Kids Everywhere Chair Finish: Red with Blue Piping – $65.99

Cute and comfy chair for your kids room or playroom.

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair Fabric: Sapphire – $28.99

Or this cheaper bean bag chair. Still just as cute.

Despicable Me Jerry Backpack – $20.99

My kids love the Minions.