November 2015

DIY Christmas Craft

Christmas Craft…

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is time to start thinking about Christmas!  I was REALLY hoping to be in our new house by now, especially for Christmas.  Our new neighborhood is the best decorated in Naples.  People come from all over to drive through to see the lights. I am told this can also be a bad thing since getting in and out of the ‘hood can get tricky.  People drive very SLOW through there which can get annoying if you are just trying to make it to your driveway. Overall I think the good outweighs the bad and residents know what to expect.  I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to experience it all. Sigh!

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Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom…

I’ve been spending hours and hours online looking at pictures of Master Bathrooms (and other rooms) and pinning and houzing tons of pictures.  I think I know what I want as far as the look and feel of the bathroom.  It is going to be Classic, Traditional, Vintage, and Beachy all at the same time.  I put together this mood board with all the things I like.  It really helped to see them all together. What do you think?


I really love these Penny Porcelain Mosaic Tiles that I found on I love that web site. They have everything and offer free shipping too. I plan to order lots of things on this site when I am ready. Probably even this Free Standing Pedestal Slipper Bathtub or one like it.

What would you do if you could remodel your master  bathroom?  Or have you remodeled one lately?  Tell me about it.

Wednesday Weekly Remodel Update – 11/25/15, Post, Beams and Windows

Past Updates…

If you missed any of my last house remodel updates, you can find them all here.  Just a short update this week.

Bye Bye Post and Beam…

There is (or was) this post on our future lanai that had been really bothering us.  I hadn’t mentioned it before but will explain what I am talking about now.

pole before

See the post with the arrows pointing to it in this photo? Well, it is located right in the center of our view to our yard.  It seemed like the worst place for a post.  And we thought, why is that there?  Does it need to be there?  Is there a way to remove it?  Well, the answers were, Yes, and Yes.  It did need to be there but yes there was a way to remove it.  Of course it was gonna cost us.  Cha-ching!  But, we want it done right and done now before the house remodel gets finished and there is this eyesore that we can’t stand looking at everyday.

The solution was to get rid of the post and the beam above it and replace it with a steal beam to hold up the roof.  That part of the lanai will be covered so its need the support.  So last week it was finally removed and the steal beam will be going up soon.  Here is how it looks now!  Much better don’t you think?

pole after

Now we’ll have an unobstructed view to our pool and backyard. This was a loud and dusty job!  This is concrete block after all.  Sorry future neighbors!!


While the guys were there cutting down the post and beam they were also cutting out holes for additional windows.  We are adding 2 to the downstairs guest room and one to the front of the house.  The front one will replace the outdated rock wall.

House, before
House, during, second story up, windows cut out…

Looking good.  Can’t wait until this is all cleaned up, windows in, landscaped and house painted.  It looks so messy now.

Happy Thanksgiving…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  We will be spending it at home.  My mom and her man are coming over (AND as a bonus are doing most of the cooking!!!).  It’ll be low key but that is fine by us.

I am thankful for so many things.  My family, friends, our health, the ability to live in a beautiful place AND I am very thankful for the opportunity to remodel the House house.  I feel very blessed and am happy that you are here to follow along with me.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, many blessings, and PIE!  Can’t forget pie!



Reader DIY Project #5

My friend Bannon is on a roll!  She finished yet another DIY project recently (and she tells me she’s got a few others in the works).  You can see her other DIY projects, herehere and here.  Check out the detailed tutorial below on this latest one.  Another great job girl!

Do you have a project you’d like for me to feature?  Please contact me.

“Moving every 3 years or so makes furniture placement & reuse a struggle. (Bannon and her family move a lot because her husband is in the Navy.)  As much as I would love to sell everything and start over each time, obviously that’s not feasible! I bought this tray table from Pier 1, 6-7 years ago when we lived in Kansas City. It has floated around our living rooms and finally found a home between 2 upholstered chairs. The black really stuck out and didn’t match the decor.
tray_table_before 2
Tray Table, Before
Tray Table, Before
I started by chalk painting the tray with a pure white. It looked OK, but blended in with the white chairs. My husband loves the look of a riverwash/driftwood style. Rustoleum sells a weathered gray spray paint, but I wanted to try to use what I had around the house first to achieve the same look.
Tray table, during….getting painted white.
I read on Pinterest (where else!) that using wax or vaseline can help with the worn/chippy paint look. I used vaseline on a previous project and knew that it was good for wiping off chunks of paint. It is GREAT for keeping paint from sticking, it literally just wipes off. BUT, I was looking for more of a natural look. I gave the candle wax a shot. I gently rubbed a taper candle on the entire tray, concentrating on the handles and edges, where it would naturally wear.
Using wax to achieve a riverwash/driftwood style.
I dry-brush painted a layer of black chalk paint over the dry and let it dry for a few minutes. Once it was tacky, I wiped over it with an old white t-shirt. I was afraid it would look like I sponge painted it, but it really just took off a light layer. I waited for the black to dry and then repeated with a greige chalk paint. Once the tray was completely dry, I sanded over some spots I thought needed more wear.
Tray with black showing.
I wiped it down with a tack cloth then I wrapped the handles with jute (Hobby Lobby), tying off each end and hiding the knots.
Tying jute around the handles.
My husband waxed and buffed the tray to protect it since we would be using as a place to rest drinks (with coasters).  I used some glass vases I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby along with oyster shells we collected on a vacation last year.  I am debating on painting the legs, they should be easy enough, I just don’t know what color.”
Final Look.

Another fine job Bannon.  It looks great.  Check out her other projects, here, here and here.  Do you have a project you’d like me to feature?  Please contact me.

Wednesday Weekly Update 11/18/15 – Plumbing Stuff

Hi All. If you’ve missed any of my weekly house remodel updates you can catch up on them here.

Picking out Plumbing Fixtures for our House Remodel…

Oh My! So many choices!!! Remodeling a house involves many, many decisions.

We visited our local Ferguson Showroom today to pick out plumbing fixtures for our house remodel. Holy cow. Kinda fun yet overwhelming too. And, needless to say I have Dom Perignon taste on a Bud Light budget. A few of the fixtures I liked were sooooo over the top expensive. Figures, right? Our salesperson told us to concentrate on the brands with middle-of-the-road pricing. Moen and American Standard.  I’m not talking about the stuff you get at Home Depot or Lowes. I am talking about the higher end pieces from those lines. It is better quality stuff and definitely more expensive than Home Depot.

Anyhoooo, I tend to like decor on the more transitional side. Nothing too modern, but not too traditional either. I like things to look classic and timeless not overly modern or too trendy.  That is just me though.  You may hate this look.  To each his own!  Here are a few inspiration photos that I found on Pinterest for our Master Bathroom, still trying to keep with the Beachy/Coastal theme too.

Inspiration picture for our house remodel
Love this tub so much!
Inspiration picture for our house remodel
Clean, classic look.
Inspiration picture for our house remodel
Another tub I love with the traditional faucet.

So, after looking at many pictures, we chose this faucet for our bathroom, in chrome with the matching shower fixture.  These are definitely more traditional but mixed with a more modern free standing tub, vanities with clean lines, and nice countertops (like the images above) will make them blend in and not seem so traditional.

Moen, Weymouth Chrome two-handle high arc bathroom faucet
Moen, Weymouth Chrome two-handle high arc bathroom faucet.


Here is how they look in a bathroom. Love this vanity too!
Here is how they look in a bathroom. Love this vanity too!

For the kids bathroom we choose this faucet (below), although I might change my mind.  Not sure yet.  Seems a little feminine now that I am looking at it.  Do you agree? I do love the vintagy look of it but don’t want their bathroom to be ‘girly’.  They are boys after all.  However, this same faucet will go in our guest bathroom and downstairs powder room.

Faucet for kids bathroom, by American Standard
Faucet for kids bathroom (maybe), powder room and guest bath, by American Standard.  I like the vintage, classic look.

I also got to pick out a kitchen sink and faucet, a slop sink for our laundry room and faucet, and toilets!  So many choices, so little time.  Our salesperson is putting together a quote with everything we picked out. Maybe next week I will post pictures of everything we chose since I can’t remember the names of them all at the moment.

Free Standing Tubs…

I love the look of the free standing tub.  We looked at some today and will definitely be getting one for the master.  Here is my hubs having a little fun in the tubs. Hey, I made a rhyme.  hehehe

Check out the cool shelf that you can get for these tubs that fits wine glasses. Love! Need! Want!
checking out a free standing tub
He fits!

I found a few really nice looking tubs online for much cheaper than the ones in the showroom.  I’ve got to ask the plumber about that.  I’d love to save some money on one of these.  They are pricey!!!

Tub I want for our house remodel
Here is the tub I love and found online for a great price.

Speaking of asking the plumber, we have a list of questions for him tomorrow.  We are having trouble fitting everything we want in the space we have for the master bath.  It is fairly large space, but once you try to fit 2 vanities, 1 water closet, 1 free standing tub and a decent size shower, the space goes fast. We want to make sure everything will fit without looking to crowded.

More about Plumbing…

Here are some pictures from inside the house.  Hookups for all the sinks, toilets, showers, etc are all installed and waiting for fixtures. I am not sure what else they need to do within the house but things are looking really great so far.

plumbing in our house remodel
Washer/Dryer Hook up.
plumbing in our house remodel

Time to wrap it up…

I am running out of time today, so I am going to wrap it up for now.  I hope you enjoyed my plumbing post.  Any questions or comments?

Until next time….

Wednesday Weekly Update, 11/11/15 – The Roof and Much More!

Selling our house…

Our current home is now officially on the market.  We have done lots of decluttering, painting, carpet steaming, cleaning and more to get it market ready.  Our first Open House is this Sunday, November 15th.  Anyone looking for a great 3 bedroom plus den, PLUS a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom guest house in Naples?  Check out the virtual tour here. Or, click on the picture to be connected to the listing.  It is a great house!


Now onto our house remodel…..

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Reader DIY Project #4

You may remember a few DIY projects that my friend Bannon did.  You can check them out here and here.  She is so crafty!  Love it!  Well, she is at it again with these awesome Lilly Modge Podge Letters she made as gifts for her daughters friends. Check them out!  Adorbs!  Am I right?  Here is her tutorial.

Final Outcome!
Final Outcome!
Lilly Pulitzer Modge Podge
“My daughter asked me to help her DIY gifts for a couple of girlfriends (she gets me!). We bought these mdf-type letters at Hobby Lobby. They are in the wood craft section and they have different sizes, some more straightlined, and some with curly letters. I pre-painted the letters with a coat of Martha Stewart acrylic paint using a foam paint brush.
MDF letter from Hobby Lobby
MDF letter from Hobby Lobby
I LOVE these Martha Stewart colors and buy the jumbo packet whenever I have a spare coupon.
Martha Stewart Paint
Martha Stewart Paint
We used the Lilly patterns in an outdated planner (being able to re-use them totally justifies the cost!).
Lilly Pulitzer Planner
Lilly Pulitzer Planner
I cut out patterns along the edges, trying not to have too many straight lines in the middle. I did the “s” first and did not do a lot of overlapping, but tried something different with the “f”. I put down a lot of the bigger shapes first and then filled in.
I ended up being happier with the “f”, so I went back through and added layers to the “s”.
Adding layers to the letters.
Adding layers to the letters
I used a thin layer of modge podge to adhere the cut-outs to the letter after the paint dried. I used just enough modge podge for each shape. I found that when doing a solid layer of modge podge at once it dried too quickly since I was cutting as I went. Once all the letters were on and positioned, I did 3 more thin coats of modge podge to set and seal the letters.
Modge Podge
Modge Podge
 I am SO happy with how they turned out!”
Final Outcome!
Final Outcome!
Lilly Pulitzer Modge Podge Project
Lilly Pulitzer Modge Podge Project

How about some love for Bannon and her craftiness.  You inspire me to get creative.  In fact, I will be working on an old desk that we have decided to put in my older son’s room.  Stay tuned for that.

Do you have a DIY project you’d like to share with me?  Please contact me!!!  I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Wednesday Weekly Update – 11/4/15, Delays!

 Delays, Delays, Delays….

The word delay is not what any home remodeler wants to hear, but that is a word we heard a lot this week (and last).  The crane, which is needed to put on our roof trusses, was supposed to be here last week.  We thought it would be here Thursday, nope.  Then we thought Friday, nope again.  Then Monday and Tuesday came, nope and nope.  It rained one day last week so apparently that threw off the schedule.  Not sure why one days rain threw the schedule off ONE WHOLE WEEK, but it did. So much for sticking to that schedule posted on the wall. I really wanted to be able to post some pictures of our house with the new roof on and completed for today’s update, but alas…..I cannot.  However, the crane showed up today so here is a picture of it in our backyard doin’ work!  Here is the progression throughout the day.

The crane putting on our roof trusses. Picture taken at 8:30 am.
The crane putting on our roof trusses. Picture taken at 8:30 am.
Roof going up. Picture taken at approximately 11am.
Roof going up. Picture taken at approximately 11am. Progress!
New roof back view.
New roof back view.
View from inside. Looking good.
View from inside the upstairs addition. Looking good. Picture taken at 4:30.

Not bad for a day’s work.  By next week this will definitely be all framed in.  Wahoo!

Inside the house…

While the guys were waiting for the crane this week and last week they were working on the inside of the house. There is now framing for the downstairs bedrooms, bathrooms and pantry too.  I am so excited to have a decent sized pantry.  It won’t be huge, but definitely bigger than what I have now.

Still working on that list….

I thought we’d have more things checked off our ‘to-do’ list by now from the last time I mentioned it, but we don’t. Not one darn thing actually.  HA!  We will soon though.  Next up, plumbing fixtures.  Exciting stuff.

  • cabinets/kitchen – done/ordered
  • cabinets/vanities/bathrooms
  • cabinets/laundry room
  • backsplash for kitchen
  • appliances – done/ordered
  • tub/shower for master, kids and guest bath
  • counter tops (kitchen, bathrooms)
  • wood floors
  • tile floors for bathrooms
  • carpet for bedrooms
  • plumbing fixtures
  • pavers for pool – done/ordered
  • POOL – done/ordered
  • windows – done/ordered
  • doors (front/sliders) – done/ordered
  • paint color for exterior
  • paint colors for interior

That is all for now…

Once the roof is on I feel like things are going to progress much faster.  I hope!  Contractor friends… I right?