September 2015

Wednesday Weekly Update 9/30/15

Rain, Rain Go Away

It has been raining here A LOT.  The weather has held us up on all projects on the House house remodel. As mentioned in last week’s update the steel beam has been set. The guys will be building a temporary support wall to hold up the existing roof over the first floor so what remains of the house won’t cave in. The roof trusses have been delivered and demo has begun on the roof.  Once the roof is completely off (it is about 90% there as of today) they will start to frame the 2nd floor and set the roof trusses. Then they will start the mechanicals, plumbing, electric, A/C etc.  It is nice and sunny today, however, the guys are now all behind on other jobs so there is a delay getting that last bit of roof off.  Sigh!!!! Anyway, here is what it looks like….

Roof, 90% gone!
Roof, 90% gone!
Inside the house. A little wet. Not to bad.
Inside the house. A little wet after a torrential rain but overall not to bad. It is mostly dry now.
View from inside the house. Oh my!!!
Roof trusses.
Roof trusses. Ready to roll!

The sub contractor was there today when we stopped by.  He told us the house is approximately 3 months away from being complete.  People keep asking me for a date and I keep telling them ‘about 3 months’, looks like I was right on.  😉

Pool Choices Made…

We finalized our pool this week and we are happy with our choices.  I absolutely can’t wait to see it all done.  It is going to be beautiful! Here are the finishes we picked.

Tiles we choose for the water line of the pool.
Tiles we choose for the water line of the pool.
Here is how it’ll look.
And a row of 2 will go on each step of the pool staircase. Pretty!
And a row will go on each step of the pool staircase, only our pool finish will not be this dark it will be Silver Reserve, shown below.
Our finish is called Silver Reserve and will make our water look like this.
Our finish is called Silver Reserve and the little specs of glass in it will make our water look like this. Ooooh, sparkly.
Our paver color.
Our paver color. Looks much better in person.

Here is a reminder of what the pool is going to look like.  A few weeks ago I talked about how we didn’t plan to cage in the pool, only a small area instead.  Well, we might be caging it in after all.  It might not be as expensive as we thought it would.  We originally had told the pool guy that we wanted a 2 story cage so the upstairs deck off the master bedroom would be enclosed too, but, 2 story cages are super expensive.  To install a cage just around the downstairs area is much more reasonable.  I am almost positive that we are going to do it.  We are just waiting for final numbers.  I like the idea of an open pool but caging it in is really the way to go here in Florida.

Our future pool!
Our future pool!

Now rain, please stay away for a while.  We need to get stuff done around here or we’ll never be able to move in and our ‘3  more months’ will turn into 4 or 5!  Thank you!

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Craft Night

Gettin’ Crafty for my birthday…

For the last couples of years a group of friends and I have been getting together for our birthdays for either lunch, or  dinner/drinks.  It is always a fun time with a ton of laughs. Girlfriend time is the best.  So, a few weeks ago when my birthday rolled around one of my friend’s asked us if we wanted to try something different and go to our local Paper Source store where they do private crafting workshops.  We all said, ‘why the hell not’?  Well, at least I said that.  Then afterwards we’d go out for drinks/food.  Sounded fun to me.  I’m always up for something new.  We were allowed to bring appetizers and wine into the store for before/during/after our lesson which was great!

Party Time!
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Wednesday Weekly Update – 9/23/15

I’ve had a busy week.  My Wednesday update this week is almost a Thursday update. Oops.  Better late than never, right?  Check out all my past updates here.

The latest happenings at the House house…

More progress this week on our house remodel.  The windows places are almost all completely cut out and ready for actual windows!  Yippee!  Here will be our bay window in the front of the house.  Looks terrible now but will be beautiful when it is installed!  Sorry neighbors.  I know the house looks like it should be condemned and doesn’t look good now, but it will.  Believe me, it will!

Window cut out for bay window.
Front view of house. What a mess.  That arched rock wall will be a window too.

It has been raining so much lately that I am sure things have been hard for the contractor to get done, but they are still truckin’ along!  The steel beam is in and ready to hold up a second story.  Thank you steel beam (and construction guys)! There are now 2 dumpsters in our driveway (not the usual 1), waiting for all the debris from the roof which has to come off.  This should be happening today and the rest of the week.  Please rain, hold off for us!

Steel beam is in and ready for a second story.
Steel beam!
View from backyard.

Revisiting Floor Choices….

You may remember my post about picking out floors and how hard that is. So, my husband and I did a little more floor shopping, well maybe browsing is a better word, again this week.  I had seen these floors I really liked on another blog called Petite Modern Life that they bought from Home Depot so we went to check them out in person. She has some amazing pictures of how they look in her home.  Check them out, what do you think?  I’m kinda diggin’ them. She reports that are they pretty durable too and they did tons of research before they bought.

Bruce/Armstrong Reclaimed American Chestnut

Finalizing Our Pool…

Next week we have an appointment with our pool guy to make the final layout, tile, and paver decisions.  I am looking forward to that so we can check another thing off our long to do list!  Here is my first post on picking out a new pool.  They are supposed to begin installing it the first or second week in October.  Can’t wait!

Computer drawing of our proposed pool.

That is about it for now. Things are moving along!  Check out all my past updates here.

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Wednesday Weekly Update – 9/16/15 More Remodel Progress

Hi.  Today is my birthday.   How come I don’t like birthdays like I used to?  Ugh!  Getting older stinks.  Although, I don’t feel ‘old’.  Well, sometimes I do, but overall I feel the same as I did in my 20’s, just with more wrinkles.  HA!  Anyhoooooo,

Here is what is going on with the House house this week….

If you missed the last few updates, you can find them all here.

Not to much exciting stuff going on the house remodel this week, but, progress is progress! The guys continue to do electrical work inside and outside of the house.  Concrete is still getting poured to get the house ready for the roof trusses. They are supposed to be working on the trusses next week, hopefully.  Concrete was poured in the double top plates so they are strong enough to hold up a second story.  It was also poured inside the house.

Concrete poured and ready for second story.
Concrete poured in the double top plates.
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Reader DIY Project #3

Here is a project my friend Doreen recently completed for her son.  How cute is this?  Here is how she did it.

“We inherited this desk when my husbands grandparents passed away. We wanted our son to have it as it was his grandfathers.

photo 1
Inherited desk – before.
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Wednesday Weekly Update – 9/9/15

More progress on our house remodel!

If you missed the last few updates, you can read them here and here.

This will be a short work week due to Labor Day, but the guys are crankin’ along. It doesn’t look a whole lot different from last week but we are getting there.  Electrical wiring was installed in these soon-to-be-walls, and the top part of the framing (according to google these are called the double top plates, I think) are on and almost ready for the second story to be built.  Hopefully that will start soon, then it’ll really start looking like we’re getting somewhere.  Can’t wait.

View from backyard.
View from backyard.
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Reader DIY Project #2

My friend Bannon is at it again!  You may remember the awesome desk she re-did. Well, check out the adorable Command Center she made! Here is her write up on how she did it.  Great job Bannon!  I Love it.  Do you have a project to share?  Contact me!


I have been pinning command centers for the past few months. On a recent trip to Atlanta, we picked up an old 6-pane window. I have seen windows around Naples on craigslist for $30 – $50! I lucked out and found the window for $7 at a Christmas in July sale at a local antique shop.  Due to an unfortunate packing circumstance, my 6-pane window became a 5-pane window. It’s hard to see it, but the bottom right pane is missing.
I cleaned the window with glass cleaner and magic eraser, leaving some of the paint on the glass to keep the rustic look. I thought it would be handy to make the empty pane a cork board for notes and appointment cards. Hobby Lobby has a few cork options – cork rolls, cork squares and unframed cork boards. I realized the cork from the roll would have been too flimsy. The cork squares were almost double the price of the unframed cork board. With my handy 40% off coupon, the unframed cork board ended up costing less than $3. To get the cork to size, I traced the opening on the back of the window onto a piece of cardstock and used that as a template to cut the cork. I used an exacto blade to score and cut the cork. This was a little harder than I thought it would be and ended up having to shave some of the wood off to get it to fit in the window. I glued the cork on the backside with E6000 adhesive. This stuff is great, but should be used in a well-ventilated area – it is SO strong!
I attached the stickers to the glass for each day of the week, combining the weekend days.
Glass makes a perfect dry erase surface! We use an aerosol glass cleaner and it gets the marker and residue off the glass – making it a fresh surface each week!
We added a saw tooth hanger to the back and placed it in a central place in our kitchen. I plan to add a wall hanger to put papers or notes in. One week down and I already feel organized!!
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A New Pool!

A Girl Can Dream, Right?

We recently had an appointment with Jackson Custom Pools in Fort Myers.  These guys have been in business for a long time and have done some really amazing pools. My husband met with them a while back at our house remodel to discuss what we wanted.  Since we have such a large backyard we can have a fairly large pool.  As much as I’d love a pool like one of these, it is just not in the budget.  Sigh!

Not the most practical pool, but impressive nonetheless.
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Wednesday Weekly Update – 9/2/15

First off I have to say thank you Tropical Storm Erika for not causing us any problems and for not flooding our house remodel, and for pretty much missing us altogether!  Yes it rained here over the weekend, but not any more than normal. I’ve seen it way worse. So, thank you Tropical Storm Erika for nothing!

Now for our weekly house remodel updates,

Just a quick post this week.  Things are starting to take shape over at the House house.   We have some framing up and it is getting easier to see how the back addition and lanai are going to look.  I wish things were moving faster here but these things take time, apparently.  The roof trusses are supposed to be getting delivered soon which means they will finally be able to build the second story.  I am not sure how that will go down but I will find out when it happens, and take pictures of course.

View from back yard.
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Another item off our house remodel to-do list. Windows!

Remodeling a house is not easy.  There are many things to learn, and many things to do.  The list gets long.  Well, we can check another thing off our House house remodel to-do list this week.  We ordered our windows!  Yup, more exciting stuff.  Actually windows are very important, obviously, and we learned a lot about them this week.  Our contractor sent us to Clear Choice Shutters in Naples.  Our sales person was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly, patient!  He taught us a lot.

What kind of windows did we order for our remodel?

We decided to go with CGI brand, hurricane impact, vinyl, white, with a Brittany window pane finish.  Like these below.  They are energy efficient, and act as a natural home alarm too, as they are pretty darn indestructible.


What exactly is impact glass?  

According to the internet…..”Impact glass is basically two pieces of glass, laminated together with a special invisible interlayer. The glass not only resists breakage but helps in reducing noise and aids heating and cooling costs due to its thicker and laminated design. Impact glass does break, but it’s use of the middle interlayer, which is made of a polyvinyl material and is strong and flexible, is designed to resist air penetrating the building even though the glass may shatter.”

Code’s are constantly changing here in Florida (as they do in other states too, I’m sure).  The windows we picked are the latest and greatest, and they offer a pretty darn good warranty too.  They also claim to do the following,

  • increase resale of your home
  • lower property insurance premiums (in most instances)
  • reduce energy requirements for heating or cooling your house
  • improve security
  • eliminate up to 99% of UV ray damage to interior furnishings (pretty important here in Florida)
  • reduce outside noise

Pretty good stuff!!!

Ex-queeze me?  How much?

Wanna know another thing about windows?  They are expensive!  Holy wowza!!!   I mean, I knew they were going to cost a lot but, whoa!  My husband and I both had sticker shock. We had to order A LOT of windows.  A total of 42 windows/doors/sliders.  This includes the addition, and replacing all the windows/doors/sliders in the existing part of the house, which were not in good shape.  The cost will be worth it, was something we could not avoid, and will save us money on our energy bills over time.

This was us…..


They worked with us on the pricing until we were comfortable.  Well, as comfortable as we could get.  They are going to look amazing.  Can’t wait to see them installed in our new house.

Here are some images from the CGI web site.

We will have a large slider similar to this one.
Another picture of the Brittany style panes.

Coming Up Next

Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s Wednesday Weekly Update (read last week’s here in case you missed it), and a whole post on picking out our new pool.

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